The Rise UP Women’s Resilience Program is for women who have been navigating a challenging period of time, grief or loss and need to a step step pathway to help transform overwhelm, brain fog, grief or loss into clarity, confidence and courage.

  • It’s for women who feel depleted, lost or overwhelmed whilst wading through grief and life’s setbacks.
  • It’s for women who have found counselling or psychological care helpful- but are tired of telling the same story in the circular dusty path.
  • It’s for women who have been on the emotional rollercoaster of grief or depletion for too long, and need to start prioritising themselves.
  • It’s for women who would LOVE to transform their journey into resilience, clarity, courage and confidence.
  • It’s for women who have reached a crossroads and know they need to make a change, but just don’t know where to begin.

Loss and life setbacks for women show up in many faces and forms. Family breakdowns, career loss, grief, relationships, financial or health challenges….

Suddenly your life has a hole. A gap. A void. Something that was supposed to be there, but isn’t. Perhaps it’s a hope, a dream, a relationship, a job, a person, an experience. Perhaps it’s a life you thought you’d have.

Like a journey without a map, there seems no clear way to navigate the stormy waters of life setbacks or loss.

  • We’re doing our best to hold it together, hanging on by a thread.
  • Giving into everyone's needs, leaving ours last on the list.
  • Putting on a brave face, to cover the fatigue

Rise UP was developed and evolved from my own personal journey through grief with the loss of our son Baxter. I found myself transformed from a happy confident woman who was running my own successful physiotherapy and teaching business, to an empty shell of my former self.

I recall feeling lost at sea without a life raft or support crew in sight. My health was affected, my brain and memory were affected, and my life felt like a tipped-out jigsaw puzzle and I didn't even know where to start to piece it back together.

I lost all confidence and trust within myself, became anxious, depleted and overwhelmed as I tried to carry the weight of grief. I ruminated for months with the self-blame internal dialogue “if only…”.

  • If only…. I done something differently. Said something differently.
  • If only I’d changed this decision. Chosen a different path.
  • If only I’d tried harder. Spoken up. Listened to my heart. Trusted my intuition.
  • If only….

The self blame dialogue that can quickly cascade into I’m not worthy, of happiness, love, joy or connection.

It was during this time I came across a Dr Demartini quote that read: “Whatever you have or have not done you are worthy of love”

Something shifted and I knew I needed to make a change.

I realised I had spent so many years looking after everybody else’s health, yet had no idea how to start looking after my own or prioritising me. I was depleted, overwhelmed, held self- blame and lacked any kind of motivation. I’d lost all direction.

It was at this crossroads I knew I needed to make a change. To a step in a different direction. To start new steps in order to start living my life rather than just surviving my life.

So I re-trained.

Using my passion for women’s health and my physiotherapy qualifications I also expanded to have a better understanding of grief, mind health, mindset, stress management, and motivation.

I searched the world over to help myself with courses, workshops and training to better understand my own mind health and to help myself move forward. This included walking on hot coals at a Tony Robbins event (yikes!) to qualifications as a mindfulness meditation teacher and the Dr Demartini facilitator training program.

I have connected these pieces together from all over the world, from many different teachers and sources in order to create a very simple but powerfully effective framework to help women Rise UP through challenges and transform overwhelm, grief and life's setbacks into clarity, confidence and courage. I began sharing this The Rise UP program in workshops and on retreats for women and soon realised that so many women, just like myself, had been navigating life‘s challenges and needed a chance to build resilience.

Grief has so many faces and forms for women.

  • Relationship breakdowns, health problems, separation, career changes, loss.
  • Giving too much and life wearing thin.
  • Life tipped upside down and just not turning out as planned.

It can feel dark. It can feel lonely. It can feel like you’re simply treading water and no one on this earth understands.

Although our stories will be different, our pathways and steps toward navigating with resilience will be the same.

Rise UP combines over 20 years of experience in helping women with their health as a qualified physiotherapist, up to date neuroscience to conquer stress, overwhelm and depletion but also my own authentic and personal journey through grief. I get it.

The Rise UP program online includes:

  • A powerful clear step by step framework with over 30 video tutorials to guide you toward building resilience
  • Simple and effective exercises and worksheets for you to start forming a new picture with clarity.
  • Essential steps you need for body, mind and heart health to form the base of resilience.
  • Understanding stress, brain fog, mindset, self talk and mind health including practical tools to help you navigate, improve your focus, clarity and mind health.
  • Emotional regulation with practical tools to calm the emotional rollercoaster
  • Understanding your values and how to step toward what you value most including how to set boundaries and build motivation.
  • Learn more about finding YOUR strengths and how to use them
  • Combining your strengths and values to build confidence once more
  • Reframing life’s challenges to help build resilience and gratitude
  • Step by step guide on how to set boundaries (without apology or resentment!)
  • Creating a pathway forward for yourself
  • Lifetime access to all online material and downloads
  • The opportunity to have a clear framework for you to transform overwhelm, brain fog, fatigue and grief into clarity, confidence and courage.

It is my absolute heartfelt joy and gratitude to be able to offer this out to women to help them navigate life hurdles and Rise UP. Resilience is something we can all achieve and I’m passionate about helping women find their strengths and Rise UP with grace and authenticity to build the life they deserve.

Your Instructor

Niky Hamilton
Niky Hamilton

Niky Hamilton is a qualified Physiotherapist with over 20 years of expertise in helping women with their health. She is also certified Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga teacher and also a qualified Dr Demartini Facilitator.

She is passionate about women's health and inspiring women to transform life's challenges into resilience.

She combines her expertise, skills and qualifications, with her love for teaching and her own life experience to offer the Women’s Resilience Coach and the Rise UP method both online and on her women's health retreats.

Through her own journey of grief and loss, she has developed an inspiring passion for helping women navigating grief or life challenges to rise up, build resilience and start living the lives they want to live with health, vitality, gratitude and grace.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course content online starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this online course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Does this course replace medical advice, health care advice or counselling?
No it does not. You must always seek individual professional health care or medical advice when navigating health challenges. The information provided within this online course is for information purposes only and is not designed or intended to replace or substitute individual health care assessment, medical advice or treatment with you health care provider. It is recommended you seek individual assessment and advice from your qualified therapist or health care provider before starting any new program to ensure your own suitability. There is no guarantee provided on individual circumstances or outcomes. By purchasing this program you agree to the above.

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